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No matter how large or small, experiencing a house fire is a frightening, devastating, and very upsetting experience. The first tragedy is the fire itself, then for most fire claim victims, the second tragedy is working with their insurance adjuster.


You pay insurance and you feel secure believing they will be there in your time of need. However, more and more policyholders are finding themselves fighting with their insurance company adjuster who acts like the policyholder is trying to take "their personal money." The adjuster starts off real friendly and cooperative with statements like, “No worries, all this is covered under your policy,” and “I’m here to take care of you.” Or other classic comments like, “Just send us an estimate from a contractor and we’ll pay it.” Then when you do just that, they respond with “We have a contractor who will do it for less.”


Fire Claim Disputes Are Usually From The Huge Difference Between The Insurance Company's Estimate & The Actual Amount Needed to Repair Or Replace Your Building


In most cases your insurance adjuster is not, nor has ever been a contractor. It’s for such reasons that you, the policyholder, is faced with an insurance company estimate that is missing many repair items, or the item prices are significantly lower than what a contractor needs to do the work.


It can be extremely frustrating when your insurance company wants to pay thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands less than what you need to do the repairs and/or what you are entitled to under your policy.


It is for these reasons that we offer anyone who has suffered fire damage a FREE, No Obligation, Fire Claim Audit. This Audit will provide you with:


The True Mathematics of Your Claim: How many square feet is your home? What’s a realistic replacement cost per square foot. Compare the true mathematics against the low-ball offer you’ve received from your adjuster.

Homeowners Fire Claim Price Per Square Foot

A Free Policy and Coverage Review: We will review your policy and point out items that the insurance company has failed to let you know. We will show you how your policy actually covers more than the policy limits that the insurance company says they will pay.

Homeowners Fire Insurance Policy
Estimate Reviews: We will review your insurance company estimates, and if you have one, your contractor’s estimate for accuracy. Our team is IICRC Certified in Fire Damage Restoration and rebuilding. We know what to look for when your adjuster doesn’t. Homeowners Fire Insurance Claim Estimate
Your Contents and ALE: We will review all issues you may be having with your Contents Inventory and coverage. Full review of your Additional Living Expenses (ALE) and how you can add items your adjuster failed to advise you that you can claim. Homeowners Insurance Claim Fire Damaged Furniture


Our FREE Audit Will Leave You With All Your Questions Answered
And A Clear Plan Of Attack On How To Obtain All You Are Entitled To Under Your Homeowners Or Business Owners Insurance Policy.



Homeowners Insurance Fire Claims, NCHomeowners Insurance Claim Fire 5 Star Reviews

Outstanding service

I have been in the collision repair business for years and I know first hand how insurance companies work. But For the Public Adjusters, Inc. found a lot more for my fire claim than I would ever have noticed on my own. They were so thorough. It was a great experience, because they did a lot more than I had expected. Everything was outstanding. I did not have to do a lot of work, I sort of just let them do their thing. If I did have a question, I would send an email and they had a pretty fast response time. They are an outstanding company and I would recommend them to anyone.

Donny M. - Kinston, NC


Homeowners Insurance Fire Claim ReviewHomeowners Insurance Claim Fire 5 Star Reviews

Great people to work with

Between Joe and Dwight, they are a great team. They are very detailed with their work. It is going to take time, lots of time, but in the end it was all worth it. Even after the case was closed, they offered any assistance I needed since I didn't really know what I was doing with the rebuild of my home. All outside agencies, the contractor, contents restoration company, even the insurance company all said they were a pleasure to work with and wished everyone had attention to detail like them. These guys definitely know what they are doing!

Marisol H. - Jacksonville, NC


Homeowners Insurance Fire Claims Raleigh, NC

Homeowners Insurance Claim Fire 5 Star Reviews

Joe made me $63,000 without having a contract paying him any fee!

My home burned down in North Carolina while I was in Florida for the winter. A burglary/arson was suspected. After I was cleared, the insurance company made a low ball appraisal and offered me $195,000 on a $266,000 coverage. They were steadfast on their offer until I talked with Joe at For The Public Adjusters, Inc. who listened and discussed the case at length without ever mentioning I had to sign a contract. I was ready to sign a contract but asked Joe if he would look over my policy before we actually proceeded. He was more than willing and shortly later emailed me a copy of an endorsement in my policy stating the insurance company would pay actual cost of a replacement house. I used this information to contact the insurance company asking them about this and within two hours had a new offer of $258,000, just short of the $266,000 coverage. At this point Joe informed me it would not be economically feasible to perform the complete appraisal process on my claim since I was already getting the $258,000. Joe, however, is going to be my consultant for an hourly rate to make sure everything goes well. - I first looked at a large national company who were too willing to sign me up. I did a little research and found out For The Public Adjusters, Inc were a small local company in North Carolina with good reviews. I was impressed with Joe's candor, knowledge, and information he freely gave me, all without a penny of compensation. I might be wrong, but I was a probation and parole officer in my past and I think these folks are straight as an arrow.

Wayne W. - Hayleysville, NC


Look, you owe it to yourself to speak to someone so you can make an informed, educated decision on how to protect yourself and your family. It cost NOTHING to find out where you stand. It cost NOTHING to find out if your adjuster is advising you of all you are entitled to. It cost you NOTHING to find out if you are being treaded fairly and are getting what you paid for in your policy. All this FREE information with;


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Just Answers To Your Questions.


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